[Weekly Photo Challenge: Culture] Identities in Three Different Cultures

This is gonna be my first submittion to have writting about Weekly Photo Challenge after such a long time ago I haven’t filled yet my wordpress with the new things. What a shame on me. Hope by joining this kind of challenge will make me filling my own wordpress consistently. Thanks for Uda Haryo that giving me such advice and inspiring to do what the same that you did, bro 😀

Okay, enough for prelude. Now let’s get talk to the challenge for this week. Daily post have choose the idea about “culture”. When I heard about this idea, suddenly it is popped out from my mind about my experiences dealt with this subject. Here the story of 3 photos that I have choose for this challenge…

three different culturesNowaday, I’m living in a place that has very different cultural things than my own culture background, which is Javanese culture. Yes, it is totally different when you compare the culture of Javanese and the Minang as the dominantly culture where I lived now. Minang as one of the culture spread in Indonesia has its own unique identity. The Minang culture has three dominant colors that they have on every kind of celebration events. Just a take look onto the first photo. You will see the color of red, yellow, and black as the color of the flag that played by the children. This combination of color called “marawa” in Minang, a pattern of flagship that must used to celebrate big events in Minang culture. Fyi, this photo taken when Tour De Singkarak 2012 held in Painan, West Sumatera. This event considered to be the big event in here so it is celebrated by marawa and plate dancing (the other unique Minang cultural dance) by the local children….

For the second photo, I took a shoot on my previous place before get moving into the West Sumatera. I get a very cultural photo in capital city of Indonesia, Jakarta. One of original culture identity in Jakarta is a show of Ondel-ondel, large puppet dancing with colorful clothing. It is a part of original culture from the original people in Jakarta, suku Betawi. This folk performance held in one of department store in Jakarta. Yes, it is kind of contrastic view when I see the traditional performance in such a modern building nowaday…

For the last photo, it is taken in my own hometown. It is not a photo of any events like the previous photos. It is a painting that describes much about my culture background, which is Javanese culture. You can see  a “wayang”-like woman sorrounded by the colorful batik clothes in this painting. For me, obviously this painting represents much about two identically icon of Javanese culture, wayang and batik. The painting that I found off in Dekrasnada (Dewan Kerajinan dan Kesenian Daerah) Salatiga is really making me amazed well. Such a painting describe Javanese culture much.

That was 3 photos that I have submitted for this challenge. Those photos contain each of identity from different cultures in Indonesia, Minang, Betawi, and Javanese culture. Yes, it is undoubtedly that Indonesia consists of a lot of interesting cultures with their own unique identity. And yap, for me it’s still faraway to explore much of Indonesian’s culture. It’s just 3 among the thousand of cultures spreads in here… Amazing Indonesia…

wanna join this challenge also, read this first http://dailypost.wordpress.com/2013/04/26/photo-challenge-culture/come and join this challenge 😀


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    • kyaaaa Uni Fajaar…it’s been a long time for me not to have your comments or any kind of interactions huhuhu… hopefully this time I will exist with the new posting consistently huhuhu…

      *sok Inggris yo mbake, soale kan postingane Inggris2 ngono hehehe

  1. Nas, kalau sudah ngepos, sekalian ninggal link di comment daily postnya,
    Nanti lebih banyak kunjungan ke postmu ini.. 😀

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