[Weekly Photo Challenge: In The Background] West Sumatera Iconic Scenery Backgrounds

I don’t want to be late anymore to take the challenge after previous submission was almost late. It’s been quite hard for me to fulfil the previous challenge because there are just a few of my collection that suitable with the chosen theme. I almost gave up and wouldn’t submit anything for the last week, but thankfully the beauty flowers have helped me inspiring the appropriate task to have done with.

For this week challenge, in the background, at first I found myself still hardly to think what kind of photos could match with this theme. But, after I read again the detail explanation of this challenge about how we must to focus the background for the photo instead of the main object itself, then the memory brings me into the travel that I’ve done in beautifully West Sumatera, Indonesia.

Yes, “in the background” theme will be so perfect to be matched with my photos that I bring it up for this challenge. How come? Because when you have a travel to West Sumatera, you’ll see a lot of good scenery backgrounds to have a photo with. I personally believe that everyone who see such a scenery by their own sight, they will become so amazed and yap teased so much to make the scenery as the background of their photos, right? :D. I declare myself as one of the person that wouldn’t miss a chance to make them as my photo background because it’s really beautiful and as a mark for the travel that I’ve done, so there will be a obvious evidence that I’ve visited the place too :D.

Actually there are too many good scenery backgrounds that I could bring from my collection to this challenge. But, I’d prefer just to show a few of it as the teaser for you all. Here there are, those backgrounds that tell much the beauty of West Sumatera…

P1070135First photo is the photo that taken in Maninjau lake, one of the large lake in West Sumatera. Look at how wide this lake and just a distance away from it, you can see the mountain stand surrounding this lake. It’s a combination of how nature brings us a good scenery for a background. In the middle of the lake, you can see somethings that floating in the surface. Those are the cages used by the fishermen to look after for the fish. In here, there are so many lake fishermen who work out to produce the fish products.

P1070458Second photo is about the panoramic view of another icon background in West Sumatera. It is Harau Valley located in Lima Puluh Koto Regency. Many people say that this kind of scenery called as the Green Canyon of Indonesia. Look how the wall of rock hills are showed off spreading in everywhere. Amazingly it’s not barren hills just like Grand Canyon of America, but it is still looking so greenly with the trees flourish on it. This green scenery is added more by the rice field (that is look green too) below those rock hills.

P1070698Last but not least, I’ll show you another famous lake in West Sumatera, Singkarak lake. Look similar to Maninjau lake, the lake is also surrounded by the hills. The unique things from this photo, you can see the “Rumah Gadang” in the edge of the lake. Rumah Gadang is a building type that you can see everywhere in West Sumatera because it is one of the cultural things keep in here.

Okay. That’s it for the photos. I could just show you all this three photos only. For me, those scenery backgrounds are really teasing me to have a photo with it. Surely because it’s so beauty. Actually there are a lot more of good scenery backgrounds you can find in here. It’s better if you are also teased by this scenery, so you just come in here and start to travel around. Come and feel this beauty of West Sumatera. Don’t forget to take the scenery background as the clear evidence for you have visited in here…

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[Weekly Photo Challenge: Escape] The Beauty Flowers Escape

Shame on me. It’s better late than nothing to do for this challenge. I just didn’t realized that the time quickly goes by until then the next Friday just a day to be happened tomorrow! How pity I am, for this week task, it seems not quite easy for me to look for it, but in this injury time of the deadline, the idea just popped out. It took a time for me to search the photos that match with this week challenge, which is “escape”.

Talk about escape, that thing is generally determined by a description of the people are running away from something bothered them. This kind point of view firstly makes me difficult to find the photos suitable for it because the objects that I took the shots on it are often providing lack of human-centric interaction elements. Many of my collection are consisted of the nature scenery view based on my travel experience rather than the shot of the human-centric. Perhaps, this is one of my excuse that I’ve been late for submitt this challenge. Is it Ok, right? J.

Then, later on, I’ve began to think differently. Why should I take  the human-centric photos for this challenge instead of trying to find another objects (beside the human) to describe about the escape theme? Tada! The idea came. When I searched my own collection to find the suitable photos, I’ve found the non-human-object that is best described for this challenge. It is about the beauty of flowers trying to escape!

P1130075The first photo gonna impress you much about the escape theme. This lonely red flower is looked to have a decision by letting herself to the flow of the river. Yes, it is an escape journey that she has trying to say. The flower will go by the stream and enjoying her freedom from the branch of the trees where she lived before.

P1070396Coming to the second, this photo is describing about the effort for such a beauty flower to have escape from the zinc-made wall. It shows us that she has finally broken out the border that trying to make her trapped in the zinc-made wall. By the escape that she made, well, obviously she spreads her beauty with the color of the purple she has. Such a lovely touch of the escape theme.

This beauty things can be concluded that they are also wanna get to be free by doing some efforts to escape. They’re trying to look for the new journey instead of just being normally stayed out in the branch of the trees where they do used to live. By the escape that they are showing, it is not just about it, but they are also reflecting the tough efforts they made so they can see the new journey. Either the downstream river for the first flower or the world outside the zinc-made wall for the second flower as their new journey after the escape…

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[Weekly Photo Challenge: Pattern] The Beach Sand Pattern

Oops, it has been several days since the announcement of the new challenge, I haven’t submitted any posting related to this week’s theme. Well, fortunately there’s still a few days again before the next friday, so is it not too late for me to take this challenge, right? 🙂

Okay, straight to the point, for this challenge, I would like to present the photos about the pattern of beach sand. I’ve found at my collection of photos that I’ve taken until now, this thing is really representing much about the pattern theme. It is so unique to see it by yourself and can’t be imagined how wonderfully this beach sand make it’s own pattern. The view of this pattern will make us believe some of the natural force could make such this beauty without even human made this.

P1120431 You can see at the first photo, which is describing the pattern of beach sand makes a group of long curve lines. Although it’s not so well ordered for the pattern, but the same shape that they form make it similar to the others. I don’t know how exactly this pattern could be made. Perhaps, some of the sea creatures make a zig-zag move through the beach sand, so the pattern is made. This is the first time I knew that beach sand could have a such strange pattern of curve line. It’s kind of something that I prefer as the unique things I’ve ever see until now.

P1070858Up to the second photos, this pattern of beach sand actually is not so special. But, when it’s combined with the other elements in the beach, such an amazing view could be happened. Look at how strong the blue of sky contrasts with the light brown color of the beach sand. The sea coast itself makes a border for two of them. At the time of this photo taken, the wave isn’t so strong and made a steady water, so the beach sand could make a pattern by folding layers of it. How lovely to see this view.

P1050420Next, there is a photo that describes about the pattern that made by the small sea creatures. They live under the beach sand and often to make holes for their habitat. The holes they left for it made the pattern. You can see how uniquely circular pattern they’ve made on the beach sand. It is such a natural force that possibly could make this kind of arrangement become a good pattern to see.

Yap, that’s the photos. The beach sand has made me amazed so well how could they make a naturally pattern that it looks so beautiful. Yes, nowaday I’ve been so many visiting the beach and exploring what the beautiful things I can see around it. This city, Painan, West Sumatera, has a lot of spots for the wonderful beaches. I really recommend you to have a visit in here and take a very pleasure to look at this beauty :)…

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[Weekly Photo Challenge: From Above] Amazingly Indonesia Nature

The challenge for this week takes a theme that is included one of my favourite things to take the picture on it. The angle side from above has its own unique perspective way of looking something. From this angle, we can see the appearance that is rare for us to see on something because the usual perspective we used to see is horizontally view. So, how do we see something from that kind of angle? It should be for us to have a position upon something that we wanna see it, so the picture from above could be happened. For me, my favourite position above something is taken during the flight by a plane.

Yes, if you had a travel by plane and sit beside the window, you could see the earth surface under the plane. This kind of scenery is one of the precious moment I’ve considered nowaday. It always make me so amazed to take a look on it especially during the morning-scheduled flight that we can see clearly the scenery outside the window. My camera would take a briefly action to shoot it after the plane is on stable condition. It should be not wasted moment to memorize such a beautiful scenery.


By having this shoot, I really believe that Indonesia land consisted a beautiful geographically shape from above. I have my flight from Padang, West  Sumatera to Semarang, Central Java for several times, and around that distance we can see the scenery that make me amazed and believing such fact. Take a look onto the first photo, where you can see the combination of blue sky and clump of white and soft-textured clouds. It is felt naturally to see this and made me astonished well that the world spread so large and wide.

About the second photo, this is definitely describing the fact that I’ve told you about the geographically shape of Indonesia coast. We can see how the curve of the coast naturally formed. A little space in the corner seen as a crowded city. It is a view of a place called Teluk Bayur harbour near Padang city, West Sumatera. Be side it, this photo dominantly consists the description of the blue sea combined with the green looks from the jungle that is still much can be seen in West Sumatera nature.

That’s how I always enjoy my flight by having the pictures of the beautiful scenery that I can get from above perspective. Believe me, if you had a travel around the city in Indonesia, you’d better to take a seat near the window so you can see the amazingly Indonesia nature :)… 

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[Weekly Photo Challenge: Culture] Identities in Three Different Cultures

This is gonna be my first submittion to have writting about Weekly Photo Challenge after such a long time ago I haven’t filled yet my wordpress with the new things. What a shame on me. Hope by joining this kind of challenge will make me filling my own wordpress consistently. Thanks for Uda Haryo that giving me such advice and inspiring to do what the same that you did, bro 😀

Okay, enough for prelude. Now let’s get talk to the challenge for this week. Daily post have choose the idea about “culture”. When I heard about this idea, suddenly it is popped out from my mind about my experiences dealt with this subject. Here the story of 3 photos that I have choose for this challenge…

three different culturesNowaday, I’m living in a place that has very different cultural things than my own culture background, which is Javanese culture. Yes, it is totally different when you compare the culture of Javanese and the Minang as the dominantly culture where I lived now. Minang as one of the culture spread in Indonesia has its own unique identity. The Minang culture has three dominant colors that they have on every kind of celebration events. Just a take look onto the first photo. You will see the color of red, yellow, and black as the color of the flag that played by the children. This combination of color called “marawa” in Minang, a pattern of flagship that must used to celebrate big events in Minang culture. Fyi, this photo taken when Tour De Singkarak 2012 held in Painan, West Sumatera. This event considered to be the big event in here so it is celebrated by marawa and plate dancing (the other unique Minang cultural dance) by the local children….

For the second photo, I took a shoot on my previous place before get moving into the West Sumatera. I get a very cultural photo in capital city of Indonesia, Jakarta. One of original culture identity in Jakarta is a show of Ondel-ondel, large puppet dancing with colorful clothing. It is a part of original culture from the original people in Jakarta, suku Betawi. This folk performance held in one of department store in Jakarta. Yes, it is kind of contrastic view when I see the traditional performance in such a modern building nowaday…

For the last photo, it is taken in my own hometown. It is not a photo of any events like the previous photos. It is a painting that describes much about my culture background, which is Javanese culture. You can see  a “wayang”-like woman sorrounded by the colorful batik clothes in this painting. For me, obviously this painting represents much about two identically icon of Javanese culture, wayang and batik. The painting that I found off in Dekrasnada (Dewan Kerajinan dan Kesenian Daerah) Salatiga is really making me amazed well. Such a painting describe Javanese culture much.

That was 3 photos that I have submitted for this challenge. Those photos contain each of identity from different cultures in Indonesia, Minang, Betawi, and Javanese culture. Yes, it is undoubtedly that Indonesia consists of a lot of interesting cultures with their own unique identity. And yap, for me it’s still faraway to explore much of Indonesian’s culture. It’s just 3 among the thousand of cultures spreads in here… Amazing Indonesia…

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