[Weekly Photo Challenge: Selfie] Me, Myself, and I

In my past, i was used to have a lot of selfie photos to take with the background of every interesting places that I had visited. I wasn’t taking a selfie just in order to have self confidence about my body or taking it in the front of mirror as it used to be happened with a lot of person nowaday. I was taking it with the reason to have a piece of my own trip history. By taking a selfie during that time, I have a strong proof that I had visited some itinerary places. Now, I begin to reduce that kind of pose. It’s been a lack of confidence to do such a thing and sometimes it’s better just take a photo without me inside the photo itself.

So, for this week challenge, actually I got many photos in my collection that suitable for it. But, as this challenge is about the art of taking a photo, I have to select among them who has a different and unique style of taking a selfie. Here there are.

wpc_selfie1 First photo. This selfie photo shows a part of my face. I was taking a shot by myself and actually it was taken without any purpose. I was just doing for fun and curious wanted to know how the result if I was taking such a pose. After I checked the photo, I was surprised that this one not just showing an ordinary selfie. For me, I got the impression in my eyes having such a deep meaning. The expression from a half of my face shows a mysterious side, it is strong gaze, and the hand that covering my mouth seem to add the mysterious side for it.

wpc_selfie2Second photo. During stay in some hotel a long time ago, I had another selfie photo. I was taking shot by arranging the camera timer so it can be automatically capturing my selfie photo. I liked so much the lighting during that time in my own hotel room. This kind of smooth golden lightning was eagerly made me want to have a background for a selfie on it. By posing like a person who is thinking a lot, I got the selfie shot and the result made me satisfy much. The combination between lighting of the background and the suitable pose made this selfie looked has a meaning that is different than usual selfie.

wpc_selfie3Third photo. Both two previous photos are taken without a camera shown in the photos. It feels not so right selfie, isn’t it? Ahaha, but the substance is still about me, myself, and I. For me, it is still a selfie style as it taken by myself and just showing my own face or body. And, for the last one, it is the one which has the camera shown in the photo. I was taking it in some of museum in Sawahlunto, West Sumatera. At there, I found two face-to-face mirrors that able to make a multiple reflection for everything who passing between the two of it. So, it made me want to have a shot for the reflection of those mirror that reflecting me and my camera. The result then shocked me much. The multiple reflection can be shot perfectly and it is looked like not just capturing me, but also myself, I, and a lot more of me there.

That’s my entry. The first selfie shows just a part of my face. Then, the second one, I choose to shot a part of my body and the last one, I show up all of my body and also the multiple reflection of it. This week challenge has made me believe that every kind of selfie that I had taken is about just one thing obviously. It is about me, myself, and I. Only it.

wanna join this challenge also, read this first http://dailypost.wordpress.com/2014/02/07/weekly-photo-challenge-selfie/

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