[Weekly Photo Challenge: Object] The Patriotic Statue Object

In Indonesia, there are many places that have monuments in the form of statue to commemorate the patriot of the nation. The statues are usually placed in the central of public place. This statues are built by capturing the expression of the struggle for freedom. We can get the strong impression of it and made us believed how it is hard to achieve the freedom during that time. And now, for this weekly photo challenge, I present the photos of the patriotic statues as the object of the photos that I have. Hope by this entry, we can get also commemorate the patriot of the nation and continuing their work to make a better nation to live.

wpc_object1 First photo. The object for the first photo is the statue of a runner who hold strongly and proudly a smolder torch. This statue located in the crossroad of Jenderal Sudirman street and Veteran street in Salatiga. The area where the statue is exist famously known as ABC area. I don’t know much about the history of this statue and the story behind it, but just to look at the statue, I get the impression of how great the spirit of the runner pictured in the statue.

wpc_object2Second photo. The second photo is really describing much about the patriotic theme. The soldiers pictured in the statue are strongly impressing how bravely they got move in to the war field. They got ready with the weapon they had and proudly waving the nation flag to show their great spirit. That is the impression we can get from the object of the statue in Palagan Monument located in Ambarawa, Semarang Regency. From the information that I know, the monument built to commemorate the history of The Five Days War that has happened in Palagan Ambarawa fighting the aggression of the Japan colonization at the year of 1945.

wpc_object3Third photo. During my trip from Bukittingi, West Sumatera, I found a great moment to capture an object of the statue that located somewhere in Sicincin area, Pariaman Regency. That was the right time to shoot the statue when the sun was existed juxtaposing precisely with the statue. The statue itself is describing the struggle for the common people to fight with whatever weapon that they had. The sun position with its light really added the impression for the statue and it was great to see the combination of it.

Okay, that’s my entry for the challenge. Actually there are still a lot of my collection that has the statue as the object of my photos. But, this three photos for me, I consider it as the best of mine. It always impress me much when I look at those statue. Their expression are really strong and made the person who look at it could feel the struggle for freedom that they showed.

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