[Weekly Photo Challenge: Juxtaposition] The Sky and The Earth Juxtaposed By Each Other

Juxtaposition is a new word that I just know now. By the explanation given from Dailypost, it is still a quite hard to understand the meaning of the word as I’m not used to know a lot of English term. Then, I was trying to look explanation further more into the dictionary. I’ve found the explanation that make me understand enough about it and it is also matched with the concept that had been told by Dailypost. One source said that juxtaposition defined as an act or instance of placing close together or side by side for comparison or contrast. So, by this definition, I started to look on my photos collection and finally I got the photos for the challenge. It is about the sky and the earth juxtaposed with each other…

P1050165First photo. The sky is one of my favourite things to be captured. Its scenery is always unique and changing everytime. Especially during the evening when the sun is about to disappear. The clouds make a mixture of beautiful color and many forms they made. It is felt like a real painting in a very mega size, very abstract, and very astonishing everyone who look at it. Just like my first photo, all kind of that feeling can be happened just by seeing this. The sky in the photo gave the mixture of how white the clouds, how blue the sky, and by the edge of horizon , the evening golden color is existed.  In contrast, I’ve shown a dark road in this photo just under the sky. Well, obviously from this photo, there is a juxtaposition between the sky that so much colorful and the earth that getting to be swallowed by the darkness of the night.

P1070714Second photo. For the second photo, I tried to compare the sky and the earth by the side of a famous lake in West Sumatera, Danau Singkarak. The top of the photo shown how clouds gathering become a thick layer and the opposite of it, there was wide lake full of water. In the middle of it, you can see some mountains become border between of the two elements. All of nature’s elements are presented in here. Be it the water of the lake in the earth, the cloud of the sky, and the border of the mountains. All of it juxtaposed to the each other and made a great scenery. And the man who is fishing at the corner of this lake, I guessed he is absolutely enjoying this view.

P1090031Third photo. Last, but not least. The other sunset photos that I’ve had. For me, this one is so amazing. It is really describe about how the sky and the earth become juxtaposition to each other. The sky with its colorful scenery and the earth that fulfilled with the populous block of the houses. From this photo, it can be concluded that the sky representing a very spacious place with its beautiful clouds and the earth representing a contrast situation where just a little space left to stay in. In the other conclusion, it can be interpreted that the one is God made that is so perfect (which is the sky) and the other is human made with its weakness (which is the situation in the earth nowaday). For your information, this scenery is located in a small city by the west coast of Sumatera, Painan, from the tsunami shelter in the city.

That’s how the sky and the earth are juxtaposed to each other and makes a great scenery shown in my photos above. Each of it has its own interpretation for the elements. The two of it are really different , but by combining it together into one frame, really showing how great the nature is. There is just a straight line that dividing them become two different parts, which is the horizon line. And from it, we can conclude that there are something different side by side and it is separated only by a clear distinction among of it, just like the sky and the earth.

wanna join this challenge also, read this first http://dailypost.wordpress.com/2014/01/24/photo-challenge-juxtaposition/

7 respons untuk ‘[Weekly Photo Challenge: Juxtaposition] The Sky and The Earth Juxtaposed By Each Other

  1. bingung juga. tapi akhirnya dapat penjelasan dari komentar di tempat saya apa makna sebenarnya juxtaposition itu dan foto dua anak lelaki itu masuk kriteria

    • saya malah baru sadar kalau di Dailypost itu kata juxtapositionnya dilink ke arti istilahnya dalam kamus… dan ya dari definisinya foto mas termasuk banget dengan menyejajarkan dua muka anak yang berbeda itu 🙂

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