[Weekly Photo Challenge: Family] Strong Family Bonding

What a theme for this week’s challenge. Family. The idea about family is something strong for me when it takes about capturing a photo from it. The photos that represent picturization of the family must have a deep impression about how close the relationship are being captured. It is family, a kind of very strongful bond that keeps up belonging to. So, this is gonna be hard task to have such photos that able to describe not just about the interaction among the member of a family, but beyond over it. It has to be capturing about how strong the family bond is.

P1130664First photo. One day, when I was walking around at the Purus Beach in Padang, West Sumatera, I saw a father with his two little daughters. I didn’t know who they are, but to look how the way this man accompanying his daughters, made an strong impression for me. I could feel that the family bond were so strong between them. The man were holding the daughter’s hand and they seemed to be so enjoy with the beach scenery that they have. By having look onto this man and his family, my mind was wondering about how nice if I’ll be the father for my own daughters and having the beautiful scenery with them, just like this man has.

P1090626Second photo. For the second, I take the photo of my own family. The object I’ve captured for this photo is my sister with his little sweet son. It was a photo that I considered as my best shoot ever. I was having a right moment, right expression, and right interaction that perfect to be shot. My funny nephew seemed to be curious about the thing that he hold and his mother was explaining about what the thing it is. This photo has a strong impression for me. My sister’s bond with his son was so nice to capture and just by looking this scene was made me feel how happy to be with our own family.

P1080140Third photo. Last photo to submitt is a photo of my own hand holding on to my nephew’s little hand. As an uncle for him, by holding his hand was made me feel how great the affection between us. I love him so much and wanna give a strongful bond of family for him. This holding hand is the best description to tell about the family bonding according to me.

That was three photos about family that I have. For me, those photos are so meaningful and make a strong impression about the family bond. The photos remind us about the priceless treasure that we have in this world and nothing’s gonna replace it. The photos tell us about the people who is always take a care of us, surrounding and supporting for us in any circumstances . That is the family.

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10 respons untuk ‘[Weekly Photo Challenge: Family] Strong Family Bonding

  1. Your third photo in particular has a strong message for me.
    Thank you for stopping by at Travels with my Son today. Hope to see more of your work in the future.

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