[Weekly Photo Challenge: In The Background] West Sumatera Iconic Scenery Backgrounds

I don’t want to be late anymore to take the challenge after previous submission was almost late. It’s been quite hard for me to fulfil the previous challenge because there are just a few of my collection that suitable with the chosen theme. I almost gave up and wouldn’t submit anything for the last week, but thankfully the beauty flowers have helped me inspiring the appropriate task to have done with.

For this week challenge, in the background, at first I found myself still hardly to think what kind of photos could match with this theme. But, after I read again the detail explanation of this challenge about how we must to focus the background for the photo instead of the main object itself, then the memory brings me into the travel that I’ve done in beautifully West Sumatera, Indonesia.

Yes, “in the background” theme will be so perfect to be matched with my photos that I bring it up for this challenge. How come? Because when you have a travel to West Sumatera, you’ll see a lot of good scenery backgrounds to have a photo with. I personally believe that everyone who see such a scenery by their own sight, they will become so amazed and yap teased so much to make the scenery as the background of their photos, right? :D. I declare myself as one of the person that wouldn’t miss a chance to make them as my photo background because it’s really beautiful and as a mark for the travel that I’ve done, so there will be a obvious evidence that I’ve visited the place too :D.

Actually there are too many good scenery backgrounds that I could bring from my collection to this challenge. But, I’d prefer just to show a few of it as the teaser for you all. Here there are, those backgrounds that tell much the beauty of West Sumatera…

P1070135First photo is the photo that taken in Maninjau lake, one of the large lake in West Sumatera. Look at how wide this lake and just a distance away from it, you can see the mountain stand surrounding this lake. It’s a combination of how nature brings us a good scenery for a background. In the middle of the lake, you can see somethings that floating in the surface. Those are the cages used by the fishermen to look after for the fish. In here, there are so many lake fishermen who work out to produce the fish products.

P1070458Second photo is about the panoramic view of another icon background in West Sumatera. It is Harau Valley located in Lima Puluh Koto Regency. Many people say that this kind of scenery called as the Green Canyon of Indonesia. Look how the wall of rock hills are showed off spreading in everywhere. Amazingly it’s not barren hills just like Grand Canyon of America, but it is still looking so greenly with the trees flourish on it. This green scenery is added more by the rice field (that is look green too) below those rock hills.

P1070698Last but not least, I’ll show you another famous lake in West Sumatera, Singkarak lake. Look similar to Maninjau lake, the lake is also surrounded by the hills. The unique things from this photo, you can see the “Rumah Gadang” in the edge of the lake. Rumah Gadang is a building type that you can see everywhere in West Sumatera because it is one of the cultural things keep in here.

Okay. That’s it for the photos. I could just show you all this three photos only. For me, those scenery backgrounds are really teasing me to have a photo with it. Surely because it’s so beauty. Actually there are a lot more of good scenery backgrounds you can find in here. It’s better if you are also teased by this scenery, so you just come in here and start to travel around. Come and feel this beauty of West Sumatera. Don’t forget to take the scenery background as the clear evidence for you have visited in here…

wanna join this challenge also, read this first http://dailypost.wordpress.com/2013/05/24/weekly-photo-challenge-in-the-background/ :D


15 respons untuk ‘[Weekly Photo Challenge: In The Background] West Sumatera Iconic Scenery Backgrounds

    • susah bongkar kebiasaan lama nih mas *haiyah
      sekalian nyoba kalau pake bahasa “wong londo” bisa ndak nulis panjang2, ya namanya emang suka gitu, mau bahasa apa pun keknya jadinya bakal panjang sih 😀

      • yupz yupz.. aku pernah nonton dorama jepang judulnya Galileo. di situ dia bilang, manusia itu makhluk yang mudah beradaptasi. akan jadi sangat mengganggu jika seseorang yang biasanya rame lantas diam seribu basa.. 😀

  1. sy suka yg gini. emang mesti panjang2. tapi di blog wordpress sy, kebiasaan panjang2 gak sama seperti di blogspot sy. eniwei, gambarnya keren2. ini kekayaan indonesia. luar biasa

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