[Weekly Photo Challenge: Escape] The Beauty Flowers Escape

Shame on me. It’s better late than nothing to do for this challenge. I just didn’t realized that the time quickly goes by until then the next Friday just a day to be happened tomorrow! How pity I am, for this week task, it seems not quite easy for me to look for it, but in this injury time of the deadline, the idea just popped out. It took a time for me to search the photos that match with this week challenge, which is “escape”.

Talk about escape, that thing is generally determined by a description of the people are running away from something bothered them. This kind point of view firstly makes me difficult to find the photos suitable for it because the objects that I took the shots on it are often providing lack of human-centric interaction elements. Many of my collection are consisted of the nature scenery view based on my travel experience rather than the shot of the human-centric. Perhaps, this is one of my excuse that I’ve been late for submitt this challenge. Is it Ok, right? J.

Then, later on, I’ve began to think differently. Why should I take  the human-centric photos for this challenge instead of trying to find another objects (beside the human) to describe about the escape theme? Tada! The idea came. When I searched my own collection to find the suitable photos, I’ve found the non-human-object that is best described for this challenge. It is about the beauty of flowers trying to escape!

P1130075The first photo gonna impress you much about the escape theme. This lonely red flower is looked to have a decision by letting herself to the flow of the river. Yes, it is an escape journey that she has trying to say. The flower will go by the stream and enjoying her freedom from the branch of the trees where she lived before.

P1070396Coming to the second, this photo is describing about the effort for such a beauty flower to have escape from the zinc-made wall. It shows us that she has finally broken out the border that trying to make her trapped in the zinc-made wall. By the escape that she made, well, obviously she spreads her beauty with the color of the purple she has. Such a lovely touch of the escape theme.

This beauty things can be concluded that they are also wanna get to be free by doing some efforts to escape. They’re trying to look for the new journey instead of just being normally stayed out in the branch of the trees where they do used to live. By the escape that they are showing, it is not just about it, but they are also reflecting the tough efforts they made so they can see the new journey. Either the downstream river for the first flower or the world outside the zinc-made wall for the second flower as their new journey after the escape…

wanna know more about this challenge, visit this first http://dailypost.wordpress.com/2013/05/17/photo-challenge-escape/ and you’re gonna know how interesting it is if you have an interest in the photos…



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