[Weekly Photo Challenge: Pattern] The Beach Sand Pattern

Oops, it has been several days since the announcement of the new challenge, I haven’t submitted any posting related to this week’s theme. Well, fortunately there’s still a few days again before the next friday, so is it not too late for me to take this challenge, right? 🙂

Okay, straight to the point, for this challenge, I would like to present the photos about the pattern of beach sand. I’ve found at my collection of photos that I’ve taken until now, this thing is really representing much about the pattern theme. It is so unique to see it by yourself and can’t be imagined how wonderfully this beach sand make it’s own pattern. The view of this pattern will make us believe some of the natural force could make such this beauty without even human made this.

P1120431 You can see at the first photo, which is describing the pattern of beach sand makes a group of long curve lines. Although it’s not so well ordered for the pattern, but the same shape that they form make it similar to the others. I don’t know how exactly this pattern could be made. Perhaps, some of the sea creatures make a zig-zag move through the beach sand, so the pattern is made. This is the first time I knew that beach sand could have a such strange pattern of curve line. It’s kind of something that I prefer as the unique things I’ve ever see until now.

P1070858Up to the second photos, this pattern of beach sand actually is not so special. But, when it’s combined with the other elements in the beach, such an amazing view could be happened. Look at how strong the blue of sky contrasts with the light brown color of the beach sand. The sea coast itself makes a border for two of them. At the time of this photo taken, the wave isn’t so strong and made a steady water, so the beach sand could make a pattern by folding layers of it. How lovely to see this view.

P1050420Next, there is a photo that describes about the pattern that made by the small sea creatures. They live under the beach sand and often to make holes for their habitat. The holes they left for it made the pattern. You can see how uniquely circular pattern they’ve made on the beach sand. It is such a natural force that possibly could make this kind of arrangement become a good pattern to see.

Yap, that’s the photos. The beach sand has made me amazed so well how could they make a naturally pattern that it looks so beautiful. Yes, nowaday I’ve been so many visiting the beach and exploring what the beautiful things I can see around it. This city, Painan, West Sumatera, has a lot of spots for the wonderful beaches. I really recommend you to have a visit in here and take a very pleasure to look at this beauty :)…

wanna join this challenge also, read this first http://dailypost.wordpress.com/2013/05/10/weekly-photo-challenge-pattern/ come and join this challenge :D


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    • kalau yang beginian mesti nemunya secara ndak disengaja atau ndak ada diniatkan sebelumnya hunting objek seperti ini, mas… ngepas maen2 ke pantai, eh ada beginian, langsung dah ambil kamera 😀

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