[Weekly Photo Challenge: From Above] Amazingly Indonesia Nature

The challenge for this week takes a theme that is included one of my favourite things to take the picture on it. The angle side from above has its own unique perspective way of looking something. From this angle, we can see the appearance that is rare for us to see on something because the usual perspective we used to see is horizontally view. So, how do we see something from that kind of angle? It should be for us to have a position upon something that we wanna see it, so the picture from above could be happened. For me, my favourite position above something is taken during the flight by a plane.

Yes, if you had a travel by plane and sit beside the window, you could see the earth surface under the plane. This kind of scenery is one of the precious moment I’ve considered nowaday. It always make me so amazed to take a look on it especially during the morning-scheduled flight that we can see clearly the scenery outside the window. My camera would take a briefly action to shoot it after the plane is on stable condition. It should be not wasted moment to memorize such a beautiful scenery.


By having this shoot, I really believe that Indonesia land consisted a beautiful geographically shape from above. I have my flight from Padang, West  Sumatera to Semarang, Central Java for several times, and around that distance we can see the scenery that make me amazed and believing such fact. Take a look onto the first photo, where you can see the combination of blue sky and clump of white and soft-textured clouds. It is felt naturally to see this and made me astonished well that the world spread so large and wide.

About the second photo, this is definitely describing the fact that I’ve told you about the geographically shape of Indonesia coast. We can see how the curve of the coast naturally formed. A little space in the corner seen as a crowded city. It is a view of a place called Teluk Bayur harbour near Padang city, West Sumatera. Be side it, this photo dominantly consists the description of the blue sea combined with the green looks from the jungle that is still much can be seen in West Sumatera nature.

That’s how I always enjoy my flight by having the pictures of the beautiful scenery that I can get from above perspective. Believe me, if you had a travel around the city in Indonesia, you’d better to take a seat near the window so you can see the amazingly Indonesia nature :)… 

wanna join this challenge also, read this first http://dailypost.wordpress.com/2013/05/03/weekly-photo-challenge-from-above/ come and join this challenge 😀


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